It is very common nowadays to hear in pedagogical circle a phrase: “Working with children isn’t as hard as working with their parents”. To avoid misunderstandings, teachers/caregivers need to know how effectively communicate with parents, avoid conflicts, because communication skills, are essential for teachers!

If we really think about it, teachers and parents have very little timeframe for communication. During drop off time in the morning, every parent wants to make it on time to work, in the evening, everyone is tired and wants to go home. Parent-teacher conference is one of the effective ways to communicate. It is more often, communication between teacher and parent happens via email or phone calls, or text messaging, but face-to-face interactions is still considered one of the best ways for communication.

It is hard for parents to keep up with all the announcements and updates, but if skillful teacher knows how to spike an interest of the parent, so mom or dad will pause for a second and hear teacher out, the information shared in face-to-face conversation will “stick” better than any e-mails or text messages.

Teachers in iSmart Kids Academy go through serious of trainings that help them understand the importance of customer service in childcare field as well as how effectively communicate with parents. Professionalism in their field allows them to make recommendations, but every team member in iSmart Kids Academy knows that parents are the main and most important caregivers for our little customers.