Meet Our Teachers

Anastasiia Ceron Demina
Anastasiia Ceron DeminaA Language Teacher (English, Russian, French, Spanish)
Keen on learning languages myself, I love teaching them and making my students love learning different languages too. I got my PhD (English Language) in St. Petersburg State University in 2001, CELTA (Cambridge Certificate for Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Geneva in 2014. I consider my main asset as a language teacher 3 Ps- Patience (repeating many things millions of time is a part of language learning process and a teacher must never be annoyed by that), Passion (I am passionate about learning and teaching, it is my job and my hobby, I enjoy transmitting my passion for languages to my students too), Perseverance (I am determined to achieve my goals, I never give up if a student does not succeed at once, with time and encouragement every child can start speaking any language). I believe that every child is unique and a teacher needs to find the key to them, make them feel at ease and enjoy learning a new language.
Tetyana Palamarchuk
Tetyana PalamarchukA musician, a teacher, a mentor
I once read that education is like a pair of shoes: they should fit perfectly. If a shoe is too small and tight, it holds the child back. If it is too large, the child may trip and fall and can’t go forward. Have been working in education for almost 20 years, I always helped my students with their “shoe selections”!
I graduated from one of the Russian teacher training universities in 1987 and then worked as an English teacher in both secondary and higher education settings. During that time, I wrote and published several college textbooks on English grammar. With the subject of my research being in teaching English as a second language methodology, I participated in many national conferences and seminars presenting ESL strategies and methods. My new research topic in comparative analysis of Russian and American educational systems brought me to the United States in 2007.
Aside from teaching, art is an essential part of my life. Living in Colorado has been a very enjoyable experience for me and my family because of its wondrous nature and friendly people. Colorado nature inspires me to travel more and to paint; I create not only landscapes but also portraits of Coloradans. If education fills my life with meaningfulness, painting brings me happiness.
Every teacher should have her own magic strategy to facilitate learning. My favorite one is play – inspire – listen – lead. Play is the avenue for sharing laughter, encouragement, and happiness. I would say that laughter, joy, and just having fun are the strongest motivators a teacher can possibly use in education. All children are inquisitive and have unharnessed imagination; they are like sponges and soak up everything they learn. So, it is very important to listen to children, learn about their interests, passions, and inspirations, and then lead them by example. If my words inspire you, join us here, at Nova Academy!
Tatiana Zeltser Valverde
Tatiana Zeltser ValverdeA teacher and an artist
By nature an optimistic and sociable person, I enjoy being part of the community, new events, and creating a happy atmosphere around me. I was born and grew up in Western Ukraine, studied at the State Conservatory, Piano and Choir Conducting faculty. After graduation, I worked as music teacher and choir conductor in my home town. I always imagined myself becoming a teacher and I really enjoy the profession. My family moved to Denver in 2001 and I was impressed by freedoms and possibilities that America opens before us. In 2007, I opened a private music studio Adagio. Adagio has graduated a few students who developed their talents in musical arts and now preform at churches and different events. I like nature, animals, hiking, and biking. I love my friends. In my belief, every human is God’s precious creation and deserves our loving care. My calling is to make our world a more loving and caring place to live. I can’t wait to meet you at Nova learning center!

ZarinaZara Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy
My name is Zarina (Zara). I am a head coach and founder of the new rhythmic gymnastics school – Zara Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy.
I was born and grew up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I was introduced to rhythmic gymnastics at 6 years old and since then it became a very important part of my life. I was a member of the National Team of Uzbekistan in Junior Group in 2005-2007, and then switched to individual competing . In 2011 me and a wonderful coach Mukhamedova Rano started coaching the Junior Group of the National Team of Uzbekistan. In 2014, for the first time for Uzbekistan, our girls won the Asian Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup and therefore got the chance to participate in Junior Olympic Games in 2014 in China. After that I started assisting the Honored Coach of Uzbekistan – Polivanova Lyudmila in coaching the National Team of Uzbekistan – Senior Group. In 2016, under the coaching supervision of Polivanova Lyudmila and Izrailbekova Zarina and the Uzbekistan government assistance, the Uzbekistan National Team – Senior Group got the chance to compete in 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Since 2017 I’ve been continuing my favorite job, teaching kids rhythmic gymnastics, in the USA. In April of 2018 the USA Gymnastics awarded me with the Coach of the Year Award in Level 4 Region 2.
I am so happy that I had an opportunity to open my own school and continue doing what I love – teaching rhythmic gymnastics. Give your daughter a chance to experience the most beautiful and gracious sport in the world! Become a part of our wonderful team! Enjoy Your Rhythm!

Our Partners

Nova Academy is dedicated to providing a distinct PreK-12 blended learning model program with a focus on technology integrated academics, Visual Arts and World Languages. By implanting character of integrity and civil responsibility, Nova Academy will nurture a community of learners developing academically and globally competent students to prepare them for successful college and vocational careers.

Elephant Learning started with a generous grant from the Toyota Foundation and the National Science Foundation to the University of Denver where advanced mathematical research produced our breakthrough technology. Elephant Learning is proud to provide Scholarships to underserved children as well as those who show academic merit. Elephant Learning is partnered with Math Matters to ensure that the children who need the academy the most have access.