Eye contact is very important part of non-verbal communication. Most of us use eye contact during social interactions. Why eye contact is so important?Mainly, eye contact helps people communicate their interests in another person. Often, we use eye contact to distinguish and react to important signals from another person.

Hygiene Habits

Click edit button to change this text.Habits of cleanliness and neatness is necessary to prepare children for school. Most children know how to wash their hands, brush their teeth without support, by about 2-2.5 years. Some children even know to apply lotion after washing. Of course, at first a child

Creativity and children: early development

Early childhood scholars developed so many techniques on how to reveal talents in little children. Every approach is different, but whether method works or not - for parents to decide. Majority of approaches are very time consuming for parents. Nowadays, with such busy lives, parents barely find time to eat

Speech Delay

Myths about speech development in young children.Very often, parents become influenced by friends, family members, who suggests that there is no need to worry about your child’s speech development. While parents think its all going to be OK, they lose precious time - key to correct the issues concerning speech

Speech Delay. What can you do? Part 2

Worry that your child has a speech delay? Here is list of ‘red flags’ you can use to decide whether or not you should bring your child to a specialist.0-12 months:-          Absence of emotional reaction during interaction with 3-4-month-old infant, infant does not turn toward the noise source (e.g. mother’s

Speech Delay. Is it preventable? Part 1

There are many reasons why a child can be delayed in speech development, contingently we can highlight direct and indirect causes.Indirect reasons include: -prenatal development of a child e.g. hypoxia, trauma during labor or asphyxia, premature birth or post maturity, intrauterine infections- diseases such as meningitis, encephalitis, complications after communicable

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