Valeology (the name of the term comes from the Latin valeo - “to be healthy” and the Greek logos - “teaching”) is a section in pedagogy, as well as one of the sections of preventive medicine that develops people’s desire for a healthy lifestyle. With regard to preschool education, valeology

Abilities of a Three-Year-Old.

For the first three years of life, child can learn so much! Child can stand, sit, crawl, walk, run, balance during walking on tiptoes and standing on one leg, child can also go up and down stairs, hope over obstacles, ride a three-wheel bicycle and slide down the hill using

What are pros and cons of introducing you little one to ‘Siri’?

Modern technologies vigorously, and sometimes aggressively invade our lives. Varied gadgets became part of our being, and our children are affected as well. Whether we are on vacation or working, studying or listening to the lecture, nothing is happening without technological involvement. Allowing children at early age use technologies or

Let’s Talk!

Sometimes, we as parents are so busy with our grown up lives that we simply are lost when we are left with our child one on one. Bet you all have experienced this weird moment of silence when you know you should start the conversation, but cant pick a right


Honey bees produce honey. Not everyone knows that there is scientific study about bees and honey, called APIOLOGY, and its not surprising, because bees live all over the world, except Antarctica. What does bee look like? It’s a strange question, but for a child, who wants to know more and more ever

Mommy, what is hedgehog? Hmmm…

Often, we see pictures of hedgehog on the pages of children’s books. Children are amazed by its looks and ask many questions about what the animal eats, where it lives, etc..What can you tell your child about hedgehog?Hedgehog – is the most popular prickly animal. Needles - it’s defense

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