Elephant Learning

iSmart Kids Academy taking education of your children seriously! We strive to provide integrated approach to learning where Math takes a special place in our curriculum. iSmart Kids Academy partnered with Elephant Learning, Automated Math Academy for students ages 2-16. According to finders of Elephant Learning, “children that do more math are better readers, writers, speakers, and problem solvers. Preschool math scores predict overall scores into elementary school, and predict reading scores better than early age reading scores. Statistically, 4 out of 5 children enter kindergarten are unprepared for curriculum”. Elephant Learning in partnership with iSmart Kids Academy can help your children be successful when they enter elementary school. We know that the most important for any parent is to see their child to be successful throughout lifetime so let iSmart Kids Academy be part of that success by providing top-rated services for your and your children!