For the first three years of life, child can learn so much! Child can stand, sit, crawl, walk, run, balance during walking on tiptoes and standing on one leg, child can also go up and down stairs, hope over obstacles, ride a three-wheel bicycle and slide down the hill using a sled. At age three, child grows independence, so wants to do everything without parental involvement.


Most of children at age three are aware of basic rules of hygiene, for example how, and when to wash hands and face, how to brush teeth, use tissue to wipe nose and use bathroom.


Child can dress and undress independently, unbutton and button jacket, take off and put on shoes. At the table, child can use most of the utensils, sit up right, drink from the cup without a lid, use a napkin. Three-year-old can pick up objects and throw them, use objects appropriately. Fine motors skills are still developing, such as holding a pen using fingers vs. fist, child can make something out of playdough. The main achievement of a three-year-old child is speech proficiency. During conversation, little one knows when to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

During third year of life, child becomes more confident and can overcome fear, can be savvy and determined. Child begins to demonstrate likes and dislikes and able to tell why he/she likes something or dislikes.