Modern technologies vigorously, and sometimes aggressively invade our lives. Varied gadgets became part of our being, and our children are affected as well. Whether we are on vacation or working, studying or listening to the lecture, nothing is happening without technological involvement. Allowing children at early age use technologies or limit it to certain amount of time per day, became very controversial subject nowadays. The reality dictates, that smartphones, smart TVs, tables, etc. are getting ‘smarter and smarter’ and no one can stop it. Researchers are actively exploring the effects of early exposure to smart phones, smart televisions, tables on children. It is very wise to think of technologies as a tool, how we use it is our choice.


Development of modern child follows completely different path than the child who was born even twenty years ago. Parents must be up to date with all the river flow of information, to control what children get exposed to when they are using their smartphone, for example during short car ride.

Gadgets can be controlled, after all, it is still a machine, not human. Availability of thousands of resources is a plus when we need to explain something to our child in the proper way. Children have access to truly interesting and educational programs and applications.


Young children are prone to addiction from technologies. Their brains like a sponge absorbs everything that they see, so it is very important to control the content. Some parents use smartphones and tablets as a ‘bargaining chip’ when it comes to disciplining their children. If child is addicted to a gadget, it can be really devastating and stressful.

What are pros and cons of introducing you little one to ‘Siri’?