Honey bees produce honey. Not everyone knows that there is scientific study about bees and honey, called APIOLOGY, and its not surprising, because bees live all over the world, except Antarctica.


What does bee look like? 

It’s a strange question, but for a child, who wants to know more and more ever day, it would be very interesting to find out. Body of the bee colored with yellow and black stripes. It has wings and proboscis that bee uses to suck nectar from a flower. Nectar turns into honey, which can be quite a treat not just for humans but for a lot of animals.


What do bees eat? 

Bees eat pollen off the flowers and nectar. Food converts to energy just like in humans. For bees who lives on apiary, people usually prepare special delicacy, sweet syrup.


How do bees live?

Bees, just like ants have big, happy family that consists 10-70 thousand bees. Every bee in the family has responsibilities, for example queen bee’s only responsibility is to produce eggs. Bees, just like chickens are born from the egg. Of course, bee egg looks different than chicken egg.

Another category of bees is working bee. This kind of bees gather nectar to make honey, clean the area and feed babies. 

There is one more category of bees – male bee. The only job of male bee is reproduction.


Where do bees live?

Bees are wild, so they live where ever they want. Often, they live in hollow trees. Humans noticed benefits of products that come from bees – honey and bee wax, many centuries ago. That is how ‘beekeeping’ became profession. Person who takes care of bees and gathers honey and bee wax, called ‘beekeeper’, place where beekeeper works called ‘apiary’. Tell your child that honey isn’t only sweet treat but can cure many health issues in humans.


Let your child taste honey but be aware HONEY CAN CAUSE ALLERGIC REACTION.

When bee stings, it dies. Please teach your child to stay away from the bees, if possible to avoid contact. So, how does beekeeper collect honey then? Beekeepers have special device that produces smoke, when bees smell smoke, they start to eat honey as fast and as much as they can, when their stomachs are full, they can’t release sting.


How do bees communicate with each other?

Bees communicate through dance, if a bee found glade with flowers that is far away, they turn around in the form of number 8 when they return to the hive so other bees can follow, to indicate that glade is closer, bee goes circles.


Interesting facts about bees:

·         Bees can fly up to 5 miles away from the bee hive and come back.

·         They can carry 300 times their weight.

·         To get one spoon of honey, 200 bees must work all day along with bees that turn nectar into honey, inside the hive.