Kids and Family

Let’s talk about the fundamental building block of each person in our society – FAMILY.

Family is the very first stage in socialization, through which child meets the world, where child first learns how to communicate. Family is where child first learns reality of life, which can be very confusing for little mind. Family is a place where child gains the experience of life.

Family environment is where child develops moral standards for himself that will last the whole life time.

Group of people who considers themselves a family, usually consist of parents and children and derivatives from such union as grandchildren, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc. Parent is the main a figure in child’s life. Child’s sense of happiness or sadness depends on what parent constitute to “be happy” or “to be sad”.

Children are very insecure, and it is up to parent make them feel safe and give them sense of belonging and comfort when needed.
Statistics show that in families where parent – child relationship were warm and based on respect, children grow up independent and active.