Reading and Kids in Preschool, Day Care in Denver

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Reading – such an amazing and relaxing activity. One of the ways to have a good time is to pick up a book, sit comfortably in a chair and for a while escape from reality to another place, time or even another world. On the pages of various books, you can find your desires and dreams, exciting ideas and sources of inspiration, valuable information and useful experience. All this is available not only to you, but also to your children.

However, in the modern world, children are influenced by many distractions, which makes it more difficult for parents to undertake such a noble task as instilling in their child a love of reading good literature. Books today have a huge number of competitors: gadgets, technology, active social life. Therefore, you will have to try hard if you want your children to light up their eyes only at the mere thought of reading.

There are several effective steps that parents can take to ensure that their child wants to consciously refuse a game console or social networks in favor of an interesting book. Your child may be six months or six years old; it is never too late to start raising the love of reading in children, which will remain with them even when they enter adulthood.

  • Start as early as possible.
    The sooner you start inculcating the love of books and the reading process, the easier it will be to maintain this useful affection in the future.
  • Visit library together. The library often becomes the place where children first become interested in books
  • Do not force child to read
  • Model reading for your children
  • Make reading a habit, integrate it into your day.
  • Add some fun!
    There are many interesting games related to reading, use puppets to imitate the characters from the book.
  • Support the child

Children need to feel the support of their interests from important people, their parents. If your child began to actively read books, show him how important his hobbies and desires are.

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