Effective Parenting

Being a parent is not an easy job. Raising children is very difficult unless you are an effective parent. What is Effective Parenting? Stick with the seven most important things. You can be sure that this will not only bring order and peace to your parents’ heads, but also give a tangible educational effect.

1. Teach self-esteem in a child. Watch how you talk to your child and how you behave with him. Praise the child for his successes and achievements, and also let him show independence. Never compare your child with other children (neither in a positive, nor in a negative context).

2. Try to be a good role model. Remember that your child knows the world by observing the behavior of parents and the subsequent imitation of this behavior. He is trying to behave or act “like a mom” or “like a dad.” Thus, it is imperative that you, as parents, provide high-quality “patterns of behavior”. “Actions speak louder than words”, therefore, instead of speaking and reading notations, you can, by example, simply through your actions, teach a child such concepts as respect, honesty, friendliness, kindness, reliability and tolerance.

3. Appreciate your child for good deeds. Praise and value your child for his good behavior. Your praise, love and kindness are the greatest gifts you can offer to your child. Never allow sarcasm against a child and do not constantly scold for the same thing. If a child repeats the same mistakes – this is not a reason to repay him once more, but a reason for parents to wonder why this is happening.

4. Spend time with your child. In modern world when both parent work, it is often becomes difficult. Children need your attention . The bad behavior often caused by the absence of attention from parents.

5. Learn how to correctly communicate with children. Try clearly express your thoughts and feelings at help them pick words. Your child should definitely understand what you expect and why you require him/her to do something

6. Be flexible and adapt. Every child is different, and therefore you should tune the style of education to fit your child’s needs. Avoid comparing your child with other children. It can lead to high expectations that usually leads to frustration.

7. Make sure you love your child unconditionally. Let your child knows that your love him/her unconditionally and even if he/she misbehaves.

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