Raising a child – it not simply hard work, it also requires a talent. If child doesn’t act normal, it’s very important to figure out the reasons why child behaves the certain way and apply appropriate measures. Not each parent is capable to cope with child’s challenging behavior. Let’s face the truth, being with a little child 24/7 is pretty difficult. So how to figure out when your child needs to see a psychologist? What do Child Psychologists do and what situations require a visit to Child Psychologist?

Who is a child psychologist ?
First of all, Child Psychologist isn’t the doctor who can prescribe medicine or diagnose. The main task of Child Psychologist – help a child to deal with whatever it is causing a problem psychologically, through play and games. During play time, child opens up repressed feelings and this specialist can effectively find a solutions to a child’s problem.

When do children need to visit a Child Psychologist?
Parents are the most important people in child’s life, but close interaction of children and parents in the family doesn’t allow mom and dad be objective – by virtue of the habit to executable roles and by virtue of certain reactions to child’s behavior. On the other hand, parents clearly are aware the problem but child isn’t able to talk about it due to some fear etc. In situations where family can’t solve the problem within itself, assistance of Child Psychologist can be very helpful and appropriate.

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