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Before and After School Program | 5-12 years

Before and After School Program | 5-12 years | iSmart Kids Academy Before and After School program transforms the hours before and after school into time for opportunity for school-age students. Children are supervised at all times, and will have opportunities to compete homework assignments, have snack, and spend some time playing and relaxing. Families can choose to enroll their children in care before and/or after school, depending on their needs. We also provide back up or emergency care for school holidays and closings, and exciting summer day camp programs.

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iSmart Kids Academy will facilitate academic, personal, physical, and moral development for children to reach their fullest potential and prepare for school.

Our Mission

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iSmart Kids Academy’s mission is to serve the families in our community by providing quality preschool environment bearing in mind the uniqueness of each child. Our aim is to see your child develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally in the manner appropriate to their age and stage of development.

iSmart Kids Academy is about Little People! Environment designed specially for young children is one of the fundamental blocks of a child’s success during learning process. Our teaching techniques allow children be children, yet recive knowledge and retain it. We work to develop caring, respectful, and responsive relationship with children by partnering with families to support child’s growth and development.

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iSmart Kids Academy provides early childhood development service to children ages two and a half (30 months) to six (72 months).

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iSmart Kids Academy is now accepting Arapahoe and  Douglas County CCAP.

The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) program provides child care assistance to families who are working, searching for employment, or are in training, and families who are enrolled in the Colorado Works program and need child care services to support their efforts toward self-sufficiency. CCCAP provides you access to reduced cost child care at licensed child care facilities or qualified (unlicensed) providers. The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program is administered through county departments of social/human services under the direction of the CDHS Division of Early Care and Learning. Counties set income maximums for eligibility for families, but must serve families with income of 165 percent or less of the federal poverty guideline (if funding allows), and may not serve families that have an income of over 85 percent of the state median income.


We’re About The Little People…

Languages & Literacy

Promoting young children’s language and literacy development has been proven to raise strong readers and writers. When we think of literacy, the first things that come to our mind are reading and writing. Children develop literacy skills before they can even speak. Childhood is about exposure and experiences, so the more experiences child has the more independent and successful he will be as an adults.


Basic mathematical concepts used in preschool programs establish foundation for learning more advanced math concepts later on in school. Math and Number Awareness begins with learning 10 numerals, it requires for child to be able to discriminate visually between numbers. To understand the value of the numbers is the second step in process of learning math.

Physical & Wellness

Preschool age children have tons of energy and are eager to walk, run, dance, and play. Our teachers are always in the process of creating many age-appropriate physical activities, it includes large gross as well as fine motor activities. Preschoolers learn a lot when given the opportunity to investigate their environment and abilities (with supervision, of course).

Executive Function

Not all experts look at executive function in the same way. Here at iSmart Kids Academy we interpret executive function as group of 3 skills WORKING MEMORY, FLEXIBLE THINKING and SELF CONTROL that allow kids to manage their thoughts, actions, and emotions in order to get things done.

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